About Us

IFTC India Store is an initiative of In For The Cause-a platform to raise awareness and enable support services that help those marginalized in our society.

As the world around us becomes more polarized, there is an increasing need to ensure inclusion across all sections of the society. Socio-cultural inhibitions and lack of knowledge hold us back from embracing those who appear different. It is this barrier that we at In For the Cause want to break.

There are countless stories of how people with different abilities and belonging to different social backgrounds have accomplished things far greater that what was expected of them by society or even their own families.

We want to help provide equal opportunities to all disadvantaged segments so that they can attain their full potential.

The products available in IFTC India Store use Quality materials, good designs, craftsmanship and have an obsessive focus on key sustainability pillars. These products are made by  People with Disabilities at our skill training centres, partner premises and from their homes.

We value your patronage and would love to hear your feedback from time to time.